Day 234 – Indian food and my elementary school

Tuesday, October 18th 2016

Today was good. I started off with programmation and I didn’t do much, since we had a substitute and I couldn’t figure out how to make something work. I then had alimentation and we made Indian food! Our group had chicken tikki masala, and it was voted the best element to the dish compared to everything else. It was really spicy (thanks to me, since I picked the 2nd spiciest jalapeno) and good.

I then had lunch with some close friends and Kohai, which we talked about our weird math teacher again and how our elementary school was crazy (examples are: a guy forced a girl to kiss him in our class (don’t worry, stopped there), a teacher was accused and fired for belief that he was in possession of child pornography (luckily he wasn’t), our school being more highschool-y (stereotypical and having drama) than it is now and I’m in highschool… Yeah, it was… interesting), then we had technology and I was happy to be working on my lightsaber (which is looking great so far) and then we finished with math and I seem to understand this part compared to the rest. Maybe cause last time our teacher made us try to learn ourselves then corrected us last time. I didn’t like it when she did that, since I retained a lot less.

When I got home I hanged out on the server, helped Kohai with math, played Dead by Daylight with a JrMod and watched Gotham. Also some exciting things are happening with our server. I won’t go into much detail for now.

That’s all for today.

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