Yeah, I don’t think fastly is a word but I have to write pretty fast before my boyfriend gets here.  So I’ve had a pretty productive day.  I slept in til 11 which felt amazing!  Then I surprised myself by going to the gym for an hour…usually I hate going to the gym and find that I actually sweat more when I do workouts at home from Youtube believe it or not (Hasfit is amazing).  Then I got back and cleaned up the tornado that was my room.  I got some clothes together that I hardly wear or won’t ever wear anymore and am going to try and sell them tomorrow for some extra cash.  Then I finally got my nails done and went to my weekly meeting and now I’m waiting for my bf to get here.  So I finally heard from Brandon.  Turns out he moved to fucking Seattle!  I’m never going to see him.  I guess that’s a good thing because if I did, it wouldn’t bode well for my relationship.  My heart is a little broken for sure though.  I guess my workout has finally kicked in to my adrenaline because I suddenly want to go out and drink tonight.  Not sure how my boyfriend is going to take it.  Although, I could be dead tired by the time he gets here so who knows.  I’m a little happy I’m even talking to Brandon even though he lives far away…it’s just nice to have someone like that.  Anyways, hopefully this night doesn’t turn out to be a disaster because even though I love my boyfriend to death, sometimes when we go out just the two of us it can be kind of boring.  Well, I’m out.  Talk tomorrow or the next day….

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