Food Service

I’m so grateful I don’t (normally) have to work full-time. Every time I do it it’s been temporary (someone called in sick, didn’t show up, quit, whatever), but that doesn’t mean it’s been easy. It’s only Wednesday and I’m tired. It’s been a busy couple of days and I had a lot of customers today. (I always seem to have a lot of customers when I work solo and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m efficient or unlucky.) I was quite the sales lady today. However, a customer complained, too. He told me his bagel was rock hard. It was. Disgusting. As annoyed as I was, it’s best he told me. When Jessie was in yesterday she told me start heating the bagels in the turbo because technically we shouldn’t be doing so on the press (the main reason it’s so dirty), but that’s what made it hard. I’ve just decided to start using the staff toaster. It looks less professional, but I’m tired of trying to clean the crumbs off that grill and using the turbo is out of the question. I only have to get through the rest of this week, though. I told my managers that I can’t cover Stephanie any longer than that. As far as I’m concerning,I did my fucking part. I was there to help a co-worker out, but I want to return to my schedule. They need to find a relief staff for our unit, anyway. Now is as good a time as any!


The game went well yesterday. I scored, but I got stuck playing defense a lot and I don’t like that position. I’m not comfortable with it. I hope I don’t have to play it much, but if I do I guess I’ll just have to try my best and attempt to learn a different position. I play tonight as well, too. 

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