Late morning

After Harry and I had an extremely late start this morning, I took him to see Catherine and Aneurin. Set off in the car around 3pm and didn’t get back home till 6pm. Harry never managed to have his nap during the day so got him ready for bed and he went down early! 8pm…but that’s early for him! It was good to see Catherine and Aneurin, he’s such a cute baby! He’s 11 months old. Harry is so calm and gentle around Aneurin. Catherine wasn’t doing too well because since Aneurin started nursery and obviously keeps getting ill, she also keeps being constantly ill with whatever Aneurin gives her. She was feeling down too. By the time it was time for me to go she seemed to have cheered up more and she said just having a chat helped her…also seeing Harry and Aneurin together. Harry was a bit naughty with the finger food I gave him, he’d look like he was giving food to Aneurin but then stuff it in his own mouth! 🙁

I was really glad to take Harry out somewhere different and be with other people, and I do enjoy talking to Catherine a lot. Harry and Aneurin are really sweet together 🙂 It’s just that after being in the company of other people, I always come away feeling extremely strange. It’s hard to describe, but I always feel like the person ends up regretting inviting me over, that I did something to offend them, that I was boring and overly self pitying in the things I talk about, that I’m just generally a load of rubbish as a person! 🙁

I’m just feeling so bad about myself all the time but that’s nothing unusual really. I’m sure things will work out in the end. Not looking forward to seeing Will and his mother tomorrow but it’ll be ok, Harry will be old enough in no time to be able to spend loads of time with them without me having to be there, Harry will have loads of fun with them I’m sure, Harry won’t stay little forever! This baby stage in comparison to the rest of our lives doesn’t last long at all! I’ll start them off with an hour, I’ll take Harry there and then pick Harry back up and we can all see how he reacts, if it goes well then it can be two hours etc until he obviously eats and drinks well and doesn’t feed off me anymore and things which will come sooner than people think! It’ll be ok.

  1. I chose to breastfeed my son and still do!
  2. I am fluent in Spanish!

I really struggled with thinking up good points about me tonight, I had to sit and think and stare for quite a while!

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  1. I breastfed my daughter till she was a year and two-months old (then she lost interest). So, you’re doing great! Some people breastfeed till their child is two. =)

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