Skate Tuesday!

Started day with skating to work on a new set up. Noticed that the right frame was not angled right which was giving me a little bit of hard time cruising to work but definitely better than yesterday. I had a very busy day today by mocking up couple designs for Add on feature. Plus page design for another feature which is still in progress. I was able to finalize add on feature but didn’t have enough time to redesign and reorganize projects and I didn’t really want to rush things up at the end of the day where most of mistakes come in. I handed over the basic part but gotta get to the detail tomorrow.

Skated back to home around 7 PM then headed to downtown for Tuesday night skate. We skated a good 14 – 15 miles tonight. After fixing the frame it felt much better. It was just my body wasn’t strong enough to go crazy tonight. Had a blast as usual. It really became a part of my life in Los Angeles that actually gives me a room to breath from the daily life. So glad to be living in the city that offers this. We ended up at the bar as usual but I didn’t stay instead I skated to Kula revolving sushi at little Tokyo and ate 7 plates of sushi with a beer. I was really craving for some Asian food this definitely satisfied me. Drove back home and shower. 11:32 PM now. I guess no time to work on my app 🙁 gotta find time for this!!!

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