Starting off easy

So far this week has rolled in with a gentle breeze and a slow start. Yesterday at work we had to close early because we got a whole new computer system installed. I’m indifferent. Surely it will be better than our old one, but it’s nothing to get excited over.

Tyrion’s eye is still on the mend . It’s goopy, but he is not squinting as much. I did end up having to take him to the Vet and as suspected it is an injury. He’s not sick. So my lovable idiot kitten did something to scratch his eye and then get it dirty. I’m not surprised. In a weird twisted way, it’s a relief to have a different cat to focus on rather than Toothless and her illness. I don’t see too much of her lately because DeeDee insists on keeping her bedroom door closed because Tyrion rips all the pictures off of the wall.

I had today off. I intended to do some fall deep cleaning, but I really slept in and didn’t want to be in full cleaning mode when the kids get home from school. They get in my way and then I’m annoyed. To prevent me from being irritated by my beloved chillins, I don’t do big time cleaning projects when they are around. It’s for the best. I have tomorrow off and asked The Man to wake me up when he leaves for work. I’ll get everything done then.

Thursday is parent teacher conference day at Bobo & Snoochie’s school. I’m really disappointed that I will be working and unable to attend. The Man will be going instead. I’m such a fortunate woman to have such a supportive, helpful husband. He’s just too good to put into words. 

Saturday I requested off for my fun night out. Heard through the grape vine that almost every employee scheduled that night will be calling out. Oh no! That means big boss is going to try to call me in. I am not going to go in. I requested it off through the proper channels. It stinks that a lot of other people need the day off too and will be calling out, but my job is not the focus of my life.

It was only suppose to be a stepping stone, part time. It’s morphed into full-time and it sucks my soul right out of me. I lose my balance and my purpose. Ideally I want to go back to school. I’ve been saying that to myself for years now. I should really stop by the local college’s admission office.

So I guess we will see what the rest of the week has in store for me.

4 thoughts on “Starting off easy”

  1. Yes, I did 🙂

    In both books and movie, Tyrion Lannister is my favorite GoT character. I was able to pick out my cat when he was only a few days old and he had a golden color about him.

    The choices for his names were Weasley, Pikachu, or Tyrion. We definitely picked out the right name.

  2. I like Daenerys Targaryen, she so strong & sweety simultaneously 🙂 I don`t like to work in office or somewhere else, because any graphics are oppress me and there are a lot of angry and nervous people around, I quickly hide in the sink from all of that and then very difficult to recover myself, therefore I work at home )

  3. I love Daenerys as well. Her transition throughout the series is inspiring. Unfortunately Tyrion is a boy, so I couldn’t give him a girl’s name although I suspect Tyrion Lannister of being an actually being a Targaryen and not a Lannister at all. He has the right eyes, hair, and a blood line defect. Plus Tywin refuses to ever really accept him (no matter since he’s dead).

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