Oh, what to do, what to do…… An adorable kitty showed up in a neighbor’s yard a week or so ago. Feeling bad for the skinny little guy they fed him. Now he stays in their yard. Allergies prevent them from taking him in.  The kicker is – he looks exactly like the kitty I had for years. My first fur baby. I want to take this guy in but I am torn. The kids would be beyond ecstatic about it. H would accept it. I would be happy having a cat around again. But the sticking point is the 2 old canines that he’d have to share the house with. They would be less than tolerant of kitten behavior. Ugh….I don’t know what to do. I have come to believe that everything happens for a reason and at the right time. I just don’t know if this is one of those times. I have to let go of the idea – if it is right there will be a sign.

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  1. I agree. Since he’s a stray you could try feeding him on your property and see if he hangs around you instead of the neighbors. With his scent on your property it might make your canine companions more comfortable with his presence.

    Worse comes to worse you can always post about his plight on social media and see if anyone has room in their heart (and home) for the wee guy.

    I know how you feel. We are at capacity in my house, but we have a feral cat that lives in the dilapidated property next door. My kids named him Gerard. I leave food out for him every day. It breaks my heart not to bring him in, but then I see him chasing squirrels and I know he’s happy. I’d bring him to a shelter, but my local shelters are kill shelters and have been involved in a few scandals lately that resulted in over 30 cats and dogs being subjected to inhumane conditions. I can’t in good conscious bring him there. So I have a backyard cat, his name is Gerard….


  2. Remarkably, I always grew up with dogs and cats and we never had an issue (aside from a grouchy old cat who shredded a cocker spaniel puppy’s nose, but hey- she had to learn!).. I wonder if your pooches could be better with the kitten than you give them credit for.

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