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Don’t know how much i’l be doing this, plan is for a while but i don’t know.

Journal i’l be publishing today is a few years old, doing it like that on purpose. One so i can look back and two to increase the anonymity a little. Finally because i feel like these don’t relate too much to me anymore, i will be able to comment my thoughts on it now and so i can publish more personal stuff (anything within <> has been changed to maintain anonymity). I’l catch up pretty soon as i only did a journal every few months or so and so i’l label each one with a rough time stamp.


Late 2013

Hello? This is my first entry and from now on expect random entries whenever i feel as though i have thoughts or news that may be interesting in the future.
Today i have once again decided that i either want to become Bear Grylls (probably difficult) or join the army (definitely not what my mothers side wants), but ultimately i want a life of adventure, a life that requires a test to my skills (so far near non-existent or at least non-tested) and having a role model such as Bear Grylls in that role makes it hard to resist, especially when i dont want too!!!     *Cringe*

So today i have bought 3 more Bear Grylls books other than the autobiography i already own of his.
I wish i was younger, if i was about 10 i could join the scouts and maybe learn a martial arts, but now i feel like its too late, but there is also a little voice that says it isn’t! And everyone who has became successful seems to recall that little voice often. 

*And now i wish i was 16 again…*

On Sunday i head to the last <Sport i compete in> England finals, i’l be playing and i’l be the youngest there, but we have a real chance in both comps if i play well, lets hope i do.
When i return i will be starting at virgin Gym in what could be my first step to the Bear Grylls, or military life, i think i will be working on muscular strength for now, however i might improve my cardio/endurance sometime soon, i feel i definitely have the determination to make some real gains.

*Wish i did*

In terms of games, i still want to become pro at that. Call of duty Black Ops 2 really has increased competitive cod and i feel if i got the right opportunities i could definitely become good enough.

*but you won’t you melon, work on your grades, your sport or even your social life :/*

If i had one goal right now not related to career/education it is definitely to complete the
Bear Grylls survival academy course, Maybe one day i might become fit enough to join the SAS, If not then maybe i can join mi5/6 with my I.T. skills however deep down i know thats the final line of what i want to do.

*Your/my I.T. skills are laughable really, lets be honest. Find something else*

Hopefully this wasn’t too cheesy :p (thats why this is my first, plus i’v decided i’m gonna include quotes i come up with/like at the end of each one if i can)
And remember “If life has hit rock bottom, that means it can only get better” (i like that bud ;D)

*As if it couldn’t get any cheesier i end like that… no wonder i was the weirdo*



Tomorrow i’m going to do a summary of my life leading up to this to make this and future entries easier to understand/follow. I’l then probably upload once a week or something like that until i catch up to modern day.

I’m not really doing this because i expect people to read it or to produce something interesting initially (although future entries are more interesting), however it would be nice to have my thoughts and life experience out here somewhere…


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