How I Became A Better Quilter

For quilting beginners – don’t get turned down reading all the quilt related terms when you are starting out. Learn one technique at a time and master those skills. Nobody is born with quilting skills they are crafted by individuals who practice it hundreds of hours.

Master quilting – Practice More.

I know I could be boring at times when I say practices makes you perfect. Scientifically it’s proven that practice something repetitively for a prolonged period of time and your brain will feel more comfortable at it and you feel more confident. The same goes with quilting, the more you practice the better you get at quilting.

When you have enough beginners quilting knowledge then practicing is what makes you a little better as you progress. Remember to stick to the basics initially and get better at small things and later move on to more advanced stuff.

Critics: Consider Feedback Constructively.

You will always think what you do is right, but in reality there might be many mistakes that only a fellow quilter or an expert quilter can sort out. So it’s wise to ask others for suggestions and consider their opinion once when you decide to start a project and also after completion.

Also see that you compare your current quilt with the one you have already finished for reference. Referring to your older quilting projects puts you on the right track when you are a beginner. It’s a good idea to even make a side by side comparison with other people’s quilts too.

Use a Better Quilting Machine.

With the right resources your quilting will always be more fun and the quality speaks in the output. One recommended resource is the sewing quilting machine, be sure you have a good one here. I suggest when you see a good number of positive customer feedback and reviews for the sewing machine then consider using them for your quilting projects. Learn how to use a quilting machine first because when you are aware of all the features in your machine then quilting is one step easier.

Set Goals and Maintain Higher Standards.

First you have to set a goal and follow strict standards so that you always do the right thing while you quilt. You can look at some quality quilts made by other people and try to take their step by step instructions to recreate the quilts.

Be Creative and Quilts Differently.

After several quilting projects you will be accustomed with the routine way of quilting. You cannot get better if you don’t change, so accept the fact that change is evident and quilting is no exception. Try doing things differently and document the process, later when you are done with the project see how good the quilt has come out. Revisit the document to see whether you have done it right or wrong.

Whatever your quilting skill level is? Don’t ever force yourself to learn from all other sources on net available today. To keep it simple, pick one channel to learn and then move on to another channel and master it.

Mastering quilting took me more than 6 months of consistently training myself and if you do the same you could get better too.

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