My Wednesday journal

Had a very typical Wednesday. Skate to work and worked till 6 PM actually I got off almost at 7 PM then work out. I’m glad I went to gym but I felt like I have no energy left in my body. Couldn’t really work out as I wanted cause of that. However, it’s still so much better than nothing. Back home around 9 PM and shower. Felt pretty tired so I just laid down on my bed(just a mattress) and took a rest for a while. I’m not sure if I fell asleep or not but I got fully woke up around 11 PM and seems like I’m having trouble going back to sleep lol

I definitely got cold sore and it bothers me little bit just like any other times. Still don’t really feel like I’m healthy. Something is missing. Maybe a diet plan or in need or a regular meal plan.

Work was good. Pretty busy for the add-on projects and other projects related to that. Lunch with Nikita at Chinese restaurant. Still haven’t found time for my app and it’s not going very good now. Found a bug that I have no idea where it comes from. 11:28 PM now I better go to sleep now for tmw.

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