Weird People at School

Lately things have been really weird. I told Brandon that I like him a couple days ago, hoping he might ask me to homecoming. Instead he told me that we’re just friends and I’m like a sister to him. I’m over it already, he doesn’t matter so much that I should be stuck on it.

But for some reason school is really dull when you aren’t actively seeking to become someone’s girlfriend. I keep flirting with guys I’m barely interested in. I feel bad about it in a way. 

David the Nazi kid is still trying to get with me, I can’t stand him. He’s invited me to go somewhere with him every week since I saw him at the mall. He wants me to join his little political group (read cult), I want him to leave me alone. Yesterday I went to the gym instead of Spanish and he was in the gym class, he invited me to play tennis with him so I did. I met a bunch of his friends and they’re all as weird as him. One of them kept talking about communism, and he made some racists jokes that were almost crossing the line. One of David’s friends was a fat kid named Ethan, David kept throwing tennis balls at him, hitting him, and making really mean jokes about his weight. I felt really bad for the kid and asked if they were friends. David told me that Ethan is his friend but he’s not Ethan’s friend and he wishes Ethan would just go away. I think that David and his little group there might be the only friends Ethan has, I feel really bad for him.

That’s pretty much all that happened for today <3

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