I’m finally seeing Green Day live!

I don’t know how many years it’s been…but Green Day was my first real obsession when I as younger, and hasn’t dulled much over the years. Of  course I don’t do things like write them once a month or listen to nothing but them, but I think I’m just as much of a fan as I was then. I’ve been a fan now for over ten years and I haven’t had the funds necessary to see them live, nor have they had a concert near where I live. But alas, I’ve found a date. I’ll be going on April 5th of next year which is so far away. I wish it would just come already. A lot of you may think this is a juvenile thing to write about. And to that I say. You’re completely right. But this is my dream, one I’ve had for many years now. And it’s finally coming true. 

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