It’s Friday and the month’s almost up?!

Good morning readers!

I actually slept well… until a cat decided to take in interest in my morning breath. She was innocently wondering, “How can something smell this enticing”? People will think that’s not what she thinks but we all know that animals do such weird things. So, I’ve been up since 2:30 AM and honestly I don’t mind it. I thank my mom for those morning cups of coffee at 4 AM and the military for helping me pass that delusion period from lack of sleep.

Today is the day we go in and finalize our papers. I was scared before but after talking with her, we admitted that we are much happier this way. Kai understands that his parents aren’t married anymore but he knows that he gets so much love from both of us. That, my friends, is all that matters to me.

Who still buys journals? My partner that travels with me everywhere is down to his final 20 pages. I used to hate buying new ones because it felt as if I’m getting another friend instead of keeping the one I already had. I gave my journal a name which means “Revival of Strength and Spirit”, I also have it tattooed on my inner left bicep. It’s a surf charm that has helped me along my journey. Going back, I was going to consider buying a new one this weekend. I have a journal here on GNJ but there’s just something about hand writing something that makes it feel that much better. There is a reason behind it. Everything I wrote from the beginning of the year, I read it at the end of the year. After making peace with what happened and laughing at the things I “Tried” to forget, I put them away for my son to have when he gets older. I don’t know everything but I recorded what I do know. I always wanted to write something memorable and the idea of writing a journal for my offspring came to mind. It’s not a copyright idea, so feel free to write a letter to your child(ren) or keep a journal like I do and give it to them when they are older and know better.

Other than that, looking forward to working on the mini studio in the basement…which I guess is still my room. I get to order some items today and I get to play with them next week! I am going to record it but not post it….I’m that guy to take his time opening boxes or gifts on birthdays and holidays. I love the work that goes into making the gift nice, that has always been my reasoning.

I’m going to head out and fuel my vehicle. I hope everyone has a great day!!!!


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  1. I love the process of buying a new journal! When you line them all up its funny how they all, even from the outside, sort of represent my life at that point. Maybe you can judge a book by its cover 😉

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