Mr. Amir Khan ( United nation good-will Ambassador for Children)

I was glad and at the same time wishing to meet the good will ambassador of United nation for Children. He is no other than Bollyhood superstar Mr. Amir Khan. He visited to our country and stayed here for two days. During his stay in our country, as a good will ambassador he visited to various Basic Health Unit (BHU) and met with children and parents who were there in BHU at that time. My egarness was still there to meet with him if i get an opportunity but what happen next was terrible to see and hear. While in our country, he found a time to meet with our Prime Minister in our National Assembly house. I was hopeful and wishing what he would be meeting with our PM in formal and in a decent attire. However, when i saw his photos of meeting with our PM, it talks a lot about his personality and behavior. What was there in the photo is that he met with our PM in his office without having proper dress code, forget having tie he came by wearing Jeans and informal shirt. Suddenly when i saw such photos, my respect for him lost and i feel that it was a insult to whole nation. How can one visit to PM office in such a attire. Is he mad or does he have civic sense ? My egarness became regretful and i feel myself lucky that i didn’t met with such a disrespectful Ambassador. 

Please my request to him would be in future if he visits another country at least wear a proper dress code when meeting with high officials of other country. Else, it shows how his personality is, or it shows how their higher authority allow them in their own country. 

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