My Thoughts…

I decided to start an online journal for not reason in particular. Honestly, it’s probably because I’m bored at work and have access to a computer. But it’s also because one of my favorite things to do is type. I love typing, I could do it all day. I think it may steam from my love for piano as well, my fingers gently gliding over keys to produce a beautiful chirp, expressing any emotion you could possibly think of. It’s a wonderful thing, music. It’s the one thing that isn’t disputed across the world. Everyone likes music, different kinds of music of course, but music nonetheless. There are so many different kinds of music, I’m sure there’s not a single person on earth that has listened to every genre, and if they had there would be one they couldn’t fully understand, or even partially understand. 

But that is, in itself, the beauty of music. 

Any thoughts?


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