My Thursday journal

Woke up little tired today cause I had a trouble going sleep last night. Usually happens when I go to bed without having a dinner. Today, I started to eating a lot from the morning as soon as I got to the office. Ate lots of snack from the company kitchen and lunch at the Indian restaurant for Nikita’s birthday. Work was good! Was pretty busy all day and have more projects lined up for next week. That’s good and I’m excited about it!

We went to the bar down the street after work for Nikita’s birthday. Couldn’t get everybody to come but got a small group of people going and had lots of fun time! Tried the fancy bar called The Phoenix LA on 3rd. Started with Nikita, Caesars, and April then Anton and Danilo came after. Had couple drinks there including a glass of single malt scotch that I have been wanting to try for a while. We stayed there at the bar for about 3 hours and went to Norms after for food. I had a New York steak and shrimps at 11:30 PM lol. Back home around 12 AM and doing laundry now cause I don’t have clothes to bring to Chicago tomorrow lol. 1:35 AM now and gotta wait for 20 more minutes to get my laundry and pack my bag for tomorrow. Feel tired but had a great day!

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