Nazi Kid is Still Weird AF and Teacher’s are Creepy

This is my second entry and I just want to say that a lot of you are depressing as fuck liekkk are you okay lol. This probably sounds like selfish or something but I’m just happy all the time. I guess my life isn’t fucked like a lot of people’s so that’s great 8/8

I’ve started to encounter a problem at school the last week. Only my friends Noelle, Sarah, and Danielle know that Brando thinks I’m a gross ass loser and would never date me (jk but probably true). Anyways because of this the rest of my friends think its still cool to try to get us together but now it’s just awkward. 

So update on nazi boy David. He’s still weird af, I didn’t talk to him in school but he was in the group chat teaching us about history DX. First he talked about his LITERAL nazi grandfather for a good ten minutes, then he talked about fascism for like twenty minutes, idek much about that stuff tho so I’m just going to leave it at that. Then my friends want to go an say “David for president” likee do you even care that he’s probably mentally unstable. Noelle told me she low key likes him, like tf. He wants us to go to pizza this friday with him but I noped out of that real fast. I just don’t want other people in the chat to think me and David get along, bc we don’t, when Brandon, James, and Ethan try and say that he likes me or make jokes about me and David being a thing I actually want to kms (not actually lol i would never do that).

On the bus at school some kids were talking about how much our school sucks education wise, then they were like “at least it used to have culture but they ripped down all the painted walls.” Our school used to have senior portraits painted on every wall and it was lit af but those are gone now ;_;. We still have graffiti hill tho, which is a hill with graffiti on it lol, its cool.

I also wanted to mention how creepy male teachers are sometimes, I’m not naming them in case this could somehow get them in trouble. So there’s no dress code at our school but my gym teacher wants to go and say that girls cant wear a, b, and c because “it makes him uncomfortable and he shouldn’t have to feel that way at work” like okayyyy tf. And Mr. S is kinda creepy too, first of all he’s the stereotypical (not saying my town name) teacher, probably on drugs, shows up about half the time, and talks about his life more than teaching us.  Secondly he’s weird towards the girls, he sometimes says borderline creepy, borderline sexist comments and calls girls princesses and stuff *vomit*.

Also today my dad told me not to eat a banana bc im fat. I think I’m too skinny tbh. Also he’s not very smart so idc.

While I was writing this a storm came in and scared my doggo so bad. She’s terrified of everything bc someone tried to kill her, so when the thunder started she followed my brother around and he went downstairs. But my dog is afraid of stairs so she wouldn’t come back up, and she’s afraid of being alone during storms so when me and my brother went upstairs she started crying and it was really sad. But my dad carried her back up so everything good.

Also David asked me to skype him later tonight, I kinda want to hold off posting this in case he says some weird shit but I’m going to leave it and update tomorrow if he says anything interesting.

Okei that’s all <3

6 thoughts on “Nazi Kid is Still Weird AF and Teacher’s are Creepy”

  1. Annette I think that’s abit harsh, like you said she’s obviously just a kid. Nobody is here to police anybody..

    However kitty i think just try to be more careful about the way you express your opinions towards other people’s posts but feel free to express your own life however you want

  2. Writing is therapy for some people. When we’ve got too much going on inside our brains, a safe space is a great outlet to let those emotions out. This is your space for whatever you want to write about it. I’m sorry somebody marred it with hateful words. It’s them hun, not you.

    A lesson for you though if you choose to take me up on it. I wouldn’t judge others until you are ready to be judged.

    I hope those cruel, spiteful comments don’t get the better of you.

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