Prestige Worldwide

There it was, seated up on my night stand. My eyes were drawn towards it the moment I entered the bedroom. An object I had never seen in my house before. There was a logo facing me.

Do the teachers give away presents now at the parent teacher conferences? What in the world? Still I couldn’t deny that there was a brand new coffee mug waiting for me at my bed side.

As I made my way closer the words came into focus: Prestige Worldwide presents boats & hoes. 

I almost woke The Man up with my hysterical laughter. The mug – it’s got the slogan from a fake entertainment company featured in one of my favorite comedies: Step-brothers. I constantly quote the movie whenever an opportunity comes around. My favorite line is “I said I didn’t want salmon. I said it 5 times.” And then I stomp around like a two year old.

What a silly little thing and it’s totally made my night. I’ve really got to get him back for this!


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