So Tired

I actually left school before 5 pm today. I am so beat. I don’t have one thing ready for next week, either. And I don’t really give a shit. I have checked out of caring. I don’t care anymore because I don’t think I will be back there next year. I don’t think I can possibly stay in this town another year, so I can’t work there, any more. I found out today that I will have to take a HUGE pay cut to move to Kenton County. $13,000 less. Ugh. That seems like a stupid move to make. I will just have to look into it. I love Caroline, and if I could be her friend then that would be great. Right now, I have more money but no friends or no life at all, really. And I work like a dog for that money, too. I easily work at least 3 12 hour days, and the other 2 are 10 hour, and I go over there on Sundays, too. I don’t have anything else to do, so I guess I just ended up staying at school all the time.

I did get my Kenton County application competed today. I still need to write a philosophy of education essay for the American School in London. I need to work on getting a solid draft of that this weekend. I am going to list some more clothes on eBay and post on Craig’s List. 

I know that me moving is not the best move financially. I make more money here than I could anywhere but Louisville, and my house will be paid for about the same time as I retire. The thing is, do I want to just sit here for 7-9 more years and waste my life away for money? I need to talk to Lisa about this. 

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