My daughter took a day off from work to take her two autistic boys to the mountains to a local waterfall.  I went with them.  First we got locked out of the car, keys inside. Thank God, the ticket guy came and helped us and we got into the car.  Then my eldest grandson had a meltdown at the top of the trail to the waterfall.  1/4 mile trail.  We could not calm him down.  He hasn’t been feeling well for some time.   We had bought a 20 piece chicken nuggets at McDonald’s.  The younger boy, when he had had enough, threw the whole box and the rest of the nuggets in the trash barrel! LOL Seriously, though, I am asking for urgent prayer for Matthew (older one).  He had to go to a residence for a year.  I so do not want him to go away again!  It broke my heart.  He has such a good heart, so much love  — he has these outbursts that are almost like seizures of some bizarre kind and he becomes a danger to himself and others.  Then when it passes, he is so sorry and remorseful.  We think he is bi-polar as well as autistic.  Please pray for him; I will be so very grateful for any and all prayers at this time.  Love to you all.

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  1. Working with Autistic people has always brought me so much intrigue as well as a sense of wonder. The conclusion, they are brilliance in a living form of a jigsaw puzzle. Thank you for being one of the few to actually love them, because it’s all they really need.

  2. Is your daughter seeking treatment for the bi- polar(ish) issues. Maybe a different medication would work better for him. Sorry the trip was hectic. It’s so wonderful that you get to spend time with grandsons and daughter.

    I’ll keep your family in my prayers.

  3. Island_Rebel, thank you for your comment, it was what I needed most to hear. It reminded me that I am doing the best thing I can for Matthew. Loving him. I can’t “fix” him, though I long to make it “all better.” I can’t do it. But I can surely love him, and I do with all my heart. I will try to remember that simply loving him IS doing something for his benefit. Thank you so much. Hug.

  4. Hi dear Goddess. I thought you might comment, and I’m so glad. Yes, he is being treated for bi-polar disorder; he’s on a lot of meds. I think one has ceased to be effective and I’ve been trying to convince daughter to have it changed to another med in that family of meds. He’s been on the other one before and done so well. But he cycles out and has to change. It’s been over 2 years since she changed it, and he cycles out in about 6 months usually. After yesterday she is going to seriously consider asking the doctor to change it. So God brought something good out of the chaos of yesterday. Yes, I am always thankful daughter lives close by so I can see her and the boys and sometimes help out, too. Love to you.

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