Day 2. Addiction free

Day 2 of Addiction free. Yesterday, my wife exploded at me. I finally broke down and told her I had an addiction on my first day of cleanse free for 90 days and she was soo pissed that I kept it away from her our whole marriage. She told me as we were coming home that she wanted the boys bags packed and ready to go. However, the boys were upset and I went upstairs and she remaind on the main floor for the night. Today, we all woke up and seemed to beable to talk to eachother, be around oneanother and even express some differences in a calming conversation. I decided to put my big man pants on and make a decision for the family on our Co-Hab living conditions. I wrote a schedule for the week providing detailed times and day of me not being aorund the house. I also suggested to take a trip to the local store to get supplies for the boys for the winter. As we went we all seemed to cooperate and seemed comfortable around one another. We had lunch all together at home as take out from our favorite pizza store. Then I proceeded to do some car work as she went to a friends house to talk about recent matters. I showed to her that I care and that I wanted to make strong decisions for our family that was what I thought best. The thoughts of sex has not entered my mind and I feel great! I am able to look at my wife with no intentions of becoming physical. I suppose some call it a survival mode where your brain begins to think about the important aspects in life and leave all the rest alone. I was able to tear up in from of her as I have been trying to let my guard down as I talked to her about my emotions. I like where I am going. I like how I feel. I like how I am able to make good decisions on the family and not be selfish. Please God continue to watch over me and my family as I stray in the darkness seeking the light of your holy son. Amen.

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