Day 237 – Concert

Friday, October 21st 2016

Today was really fun. I had math first and we had a lockdown practice. Kohai and I would just play games in silence or I’d stare at the lights on the walls (machinery) in the pitch black darkness, because it looked like I was in space and the lights were the stars. When the teacher came to knock and test whether or not we’d open it, some guy said “I’m scaaaared” jokingly, which we were like “Shut up, you just got us killed.”

Then we had programmation, which mostly involved Kohai and I talking over math homework. Then I had lunch with some close friends and we discussed about how our school should use their funds better. Art classes are totally underfunded; our paintbrushes are awful and they don’t need to cost that much, we just need brushes that don’t have everything sticking out and making painting in between the lines impossible, and they didn’t fund students who were interested in going somewhere to see if they wanted to become diplomats. Instead they keep buying unnecessary things with their extra money, like a giant stone cube as decoration, which is also badly painted, and getting new jerseys every year for the sports teams, which we don’t need a new design every year, come on, that’s wasting money.

Then I had alimentation, but we didn’t do much since we were waiting to go to a concert. Everyone was expecting it to be lame, but my gosh was it not. Students were crowd surfing, doing the circle thing where someone dances in the middle, going up on stage with the band (the band allowed them), having a guitar duo/duel with one of the guitarist and a student, and a student playing their drums too, there was headbanging and at some point the lead singer was holding up his guitar and I thought he was gonna smash it… The music was good too. The first two were really good, but the rest was meh. They don’t have many songs so they must still be trying to figure out their style. They’re called Caravane. French rock band.

When I got home I played on the server, participated in events and played Dead by Daylight.

That’s all for today.

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