This past week at Deedee’s school was homecoming week. Last night at the big football game they announced and crowned the Queeen. This year’s pick made my heart swoon. 

She was a shy and sweet autistic girl. Last night they crowned her their queen. The smile plastered on her face revealed how much this moment of acceptance meant to her. Her happiness is stunning. They didn’t pick a cheerleader or the most popular girl. They made a truly worthy choice.

As per usual, I had to work last night. You know what? I really hate my job. I should quit. I should persue a different line of work, something more rewarding. I didn’t have a terrible night at work or anything 

I’m having trouble writing today’s entry. Mr. Jake Pitts is actually getting in my face for some pets. Jake is a very shy cat who doesn’t require much contact.  It’s always nice when he decides it’s time for a visit. He likes to hide underneath the furniture and watch us go about our day. He keeps meeping at me. Better give him some TLC.



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  1. That homecoming story is so sweet <3. At my school a lesbian couple was crowned homecoming princess and princess for the class of 2k18, which is really great because a lot of people are homophobic at my school. It's so nice to see more and more people being accepted ^_^

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