Saturday story time!

Okay, so once I was sitting on my couch and (here’s a big surprise) writing for who knows what, when I heard a big bang, I ignored it because I figured that it was just a bird who ran into a window, which~ was right…? In a way… Because they’re was a FREAKING BIRD IN MY HOUSE, which hit the window, and it was just sitting on the other couch in front of me. So what did I do? well, i screamed of course! My mom was rushing to get out the bathroom, then my mom yelled, “Are you okay sweetie?!?” and I yelled, “THERE IS A BIRD IN THE HOUSE!!!” it then freaked out and flew past me out the garage door, then I said to my mom before she got out of the bathroom, “I-it’s gone…” And so I continued writing, BUT THAT IS NOT THE END OF IT! I looked up on the couch it was sitting and saw, yes, ANOTHER FREAKING BIRD!! my mom got out of the bathroom and saw the bird and said, ” I thought you said it was gone!” And it freaked out and ran into the back door, which in turn killed it, (T^T). WAIT THERE’S EVEN MORE!! Once we got up to see what happened to the bird, GUESS WHAT?! THERE WAS A DEAD BIRD NEXT TO THE OTHER BIRD WE WATCHED HIT THE WINDOW! YES, THERE WAS THREE BIRDS IN MY HOUSE, AT ONE POINT! So what I concluded was that the first bang was the last bird we found. Crazy right?!? So then after that crazy happening, I continued writing, but changed the topic, of course, I started writing about what happened.

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