Start of the Search for Work

Wanted to get up super early, but then realized I needed the extra sleep, gotta do what your body says sometimes. It turned out great, and I still got up at a good hour! Started doing my usual routine of watching stuff on the internet with my morning breakfast/coffee, but then realized that I should use this time to read instead (just recently purchased Amazon Kindle Unlimited). I think this will be a welcome addition to my daily routine. Then used my spare time to re-organize all of my golf stuff and workout. Also watched indulged in some anime (the latest Pokemon anime series is wrapping up). Don’t know if I’ll watch the next series, but this one has actually been pretty good!

Went to my Grandmas for some (welcomely) forced lunch and afternoon tea. Went to the coffee shop for a little job ideation session. Came away with the idea that I am a customer service oriented person and that will be the field that I pursue (I realize that the pay is not always there…). Then got some drinking materials, my new drink being a gin/ginger ale/7up concoction. It finally feel like I’m ready to go out and start looking for other jobs. Just about to go out for a night with the boys, so I’ll end it here

Realizations of the day:

I don’t need to loose weight, I need to get more fit. Instead of worrying about the actual loosing of the weight, I should worry about the daily habits/process of doing so. If I eat the right foods, exercise and don’t sit around too much then I will eventually reach my ideal body shape.

Also that I need a proper resume, but also a personality resume to give employers an idea of who I am and what I am all about. This information is largely absent from a normal resume – no skills do not count as personality traits.

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