Um, hi?

So, yeah, I’m not a rock star. I’m not some athlete, or Miss America. I guess I’m really nothing that exciting. But my life, well it’s like a rollercoaster. A big, enormous roller coaster that swirls a lot. But I’m really unlucky. 

Picture Day 2014 : I wore the same shirt as my enemy. On picture day. Yup.

I’m like, the girl that picks the short stick, or wins an opposite lottery. Or ends up in the hunger games. I have waaay to many family members, I talk a lot, I get scared easily, I’m obsessed with Melanie Martinez and Percy Jackson, and I’m really weird. I am a mix of girl and tomboy (tomgirly?) and no, my life is not normal. Neither am I.

3 thoughts on “Um, hi?”

  1. You say you are nothing exciting, but you know what? You are exciting to God because He conceived you in His mind and loved you, and brought you to birth, and loved you, and has been with you every day since, and loves you more and more. Nothing can separate you from his love. Romans 8:38 I pray that you will know how special you are, and begin to love yourself.

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