Busy Saturday

I didn’t walk John first thing this morning because it’s starting to get cold, so I gave the temp time to warm up slightly. We didn’t get all our miles in- only about 3.5- because a guy called while we were walking wanting to buy something I had listed on Craig’s List. He took so long to get to meet me, I should have finished my walk. Oh well. I made $15 from selling a file cabinet, $35 for the carpet cleaner, and $100 for Noah’s TV. I am actually going to make it from one paycheck to the next without going in the hole this time!! That is the first time that has happened in a while. 

I have been listing stuff on ebay and craigs list all day, and I cleaned Noah’s bathroom and bedroom and office hopefully for the last time. I touched up the baseboards that the carpet cleaner scuffed. I tried to patch up the walls outside Noah’s door where the baby gate had beaten them all to pieces, but it looks bad. I need to work on it some more. More sanding- I am a terrible dry-waller. You would think eventually I would get proficient at it, but nope.

I got my application for Kenton County all finished. I could take a lot more of my stuff if I moved there. It would be a fairly easy move, too. NYC is going to be a pain. I will have to come back to Kentucky to deal with whatever I leave in a storage unit here. 

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