We arrived at the attraction just after dark. We were on farm land near the highway and yet some how in the middle of no where. As soon as the car pulled into the parking spot I smelled that delicious bouquet of woods and bonfire. My body tingled with a mixture of jittering nerves and excitement. We stepped up to the trailer and bought our tickets for the big event. The line wasn’t too long as we waited our turn to enter the haunted house. Music rang throughout the air, muting the anxious chatter. It was a feast for the senses. Ghouls, goblins, vampires, and monsters kept sneaking up on us as we waited. My one big regret is that I kept my phone in the car, but I was worried about losing it as I stumbled through the darkness. If I had brought my phone I’d have a bunch of selfies of me, DeeDee, and my friends posing with some amazing and charismatic monsters! Oh well.

I can’t even begin to describe my disorienting walk through the attraction. I inched forward slowly through darkness, smoke lit walk ways, and the craziest projections as people popped out to scare me from all angles. I got chased by 4 chainsaw wielding maniacs at one point. 

My favorite part was having to walk through this crack in the darkness. I was jammed in between giant black air bags. It felt like it went on and on. When I emerged it was in a totally black space with a green projection light up to my chest. A small air bag ran along the lower half of my body. The whole effect made me think I was walking chest deep in a swamp!  Seriously, that’s how real the effects seemed. Creatures popped out beside me, their limbs raking at me.

We experienced a haunted hotel, an asylum, a zombie quarantine area, psychopath murders, a haunted diner, demons gliding through the night above us as we walked through the woods. It’s so overwhelming. I can barely describe it, but we had gotten just what we wanted – a hauntingly good time!

I <3 Madworld! 

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