Me, me and me :)

So, i saw a lot of people who just started writing here have done some sort of introduction on who they are. So i thought i should do kind of the same 😛

I’m 29yo and an only daughter, i was born in a tiny Latinamerican country and was raised a catholic. I grew up without knowing my dad until i was 6 years old. Basically, he chickened out when my mom told him she was pregnant, so my granddad totally shoved him out of my mom’s life and my dad didn’t have the courage to come near us until my granddad passed away when i was 6, and then, him and my mom were married and we were living out of my grandparents home all in less than 4 months xD talk about life changes.

Lived with my parents until went to college (but still coming down on the weekends), graduated from college 4 years ago, did some working and then i got a full scholarship to move all the way to the other side of the world in Asia to do my master’s degree. Cause of my scholarship conditions, i had to live for one year in a place and then move on to the next area to continue with my studies. So there i was, living in a big city for a year, with tons of friends and things to do, and now, i live in a small town with less than 70,000 people, very few foreigners and most people is seriously not interested in making friends with the only westerner in university apparently xD

My world comes to life on the weekends though. When i go “up to the city!” to see my boyfriend and hang out with friends. Only problem is, i have been having some very bad anxiety and mental break downs for about 7 months now 🙁 and it is making it really hard to keep my balance and make everything work, cause it feels like “both lives” (stressed-depressed me here alone and happy social me in the city with tons of friends) don’t match with each other and i feel guilty and have no freaking idea (yet!!!) as to how to make it work. So much so for the strong independant woman i thought i was!!! lol

Really looking forward to sharing my thoughts here from now on and to get comments from you (love-full comments are welcomed! please refrain yourself from commenting if it is not constructive and positive, i am doing this as part of my recovery from anxiety <3 thank you!! 🙂  )




Oct. 23, 6:40pm

3 thoughts on “Me, me and me :)”

  1. You’ve been through so many changes; I totally understand how you could feel anxious and imbalanced. Between city and small town. You are Catholic—that’s beautiful. Be sure to pray every day, and turn to Jesus and Mary for help. They will never abandon you. They love you so much. “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of peace and of power and of a sound mind.” God bless you! (is that verse peace or love? I can’t remember off hand.)

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