Mom’s Birthday!

So today was my mom’s birthday, and my grandmother, who is a crazy kind, person decided to take *us to get manicures, (*us my mom, my two older sisters, my grandma and me) and she went to the nail place and counted every person there, left and went to Starbucks, across the way. She came back to the nail salon with a bunch of cake pops, for every person there, AND THE ODD PART IS: we didn’t know anyone there! Yeah, she bought cake pops for strangers, but there was a catch for the strangers, they only got the cake pops if they sang happy birthday to my mom. SOOOO, because my birthday is only four days away from hers, yeah… I had to sit there like a spoiled granddaughter, and blush, because, if I said anything to my grandma, she’d be sad. And she had to do it that day because she was going to miss my birthday.  Everybody was singing, and we’re were just thinking, “ugh, Ann, why..?” and do you know what the second best part was? For my birthday gift, she gave me: wait for it.. keep waiting for it… A WIG. I literally have the biggest hair anyone has ever seen, it’s bigger than a large afro, but it is not, it’s super, super, super, super, SUPER, curly, so curly I can’t do anything to it. I can’t even get it in a ponytail, but a wig? I love her to death, but… she’s a really kindhearted person. she just is… kind of… You know..? Crazy. The best part was seeing her so happy, I mean she’s always, like that, but today she was overflowing with happiness. You can never see her that happy all the time because she’s bi-polar. And another one of the best parts was seeing my mom ACTUALLY embarrassed! 



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