Scary Kid and Homecoming

So on Friday night I skyped with David. At first he just invited me into a group chat with some of his friends, they all seemed normal. Later he talked to me separately, we started talking about serial killers and cannibalism. It’s the third time he’s brought up cannibalism, every time he talks about cannibalism he explains the desire to eat humans as the same desire to have sex, which I think is very strange. He also told me that he likes to watch videos of people dying and videos with a lot of blood, he’s says he found them on the deep web (which honestly sounds like a lie to me). He kept on talking about how much he likes gore and I told him he was scaring me, he said he’d never want to see it in real life unless it was a bad person. When people ask me why I’m afraid to have David mad at me I tell him I’m scared of him sometimes, they say that he would never really hurt someone, but when he says stuff like this I kind of doubt it. Before we stopped talking he asked me to homecoming and I said no, he said he meant as friends and I said that I’m not really going with anyone.

The next day was homecoming at my school. Two of my friends came over before and we got ready together. The actual dance was pretty uneventful, and it was too long imo.

There is this kid named Wes who is very, very religious and also socially awkward. He started dancing and everyone at the dance made a circle around him and started cheering him on. His dancing was actually pretty good and it was really funny.

The only other thing that happened is that my friend Noelle was sad because her long time crush (that she’s getting over now) came with a different girl and didn’t talk to Noelle the whole dance. She later told me she felt fat and ugly the entire time, I hate it when my friends say stuff like that, they don’t realize how beautiful they are. I try to remind them whenever I can because I don’t want them to ever think that they’re not good enough or they’re not beautiful, they are some of the most kind and caring people I know.

That night I slept over my friend Kenzie’s house. She wanted to skype with David so we did. He was high and showed us like five videos about nazism, we told him to stop so he started talking about his ex girlfriends. He was being really weird and kept talking about sex and stuff like that. We hung up on him.

So yeah that one wasn’t too interesting but whatever, bye <3

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  1. Maybe. A couple years ago before I actually talked to him he asked me out randomly through direct messages on instagram. I said no because I barely knew him. He told me that his gf broke up with him a week ago and that his mother is dead and he’s looking for a female figure in his life. Yesterday he joked that girls were the only things keeping him alive (so idk if that means anything). All I really know is that he feels like he’s socially awkward and suffers from depression. So I would totally agree with you but I don’t know enough about him to really say.

  2. Uh. This David sounds terrifying–if I knew someone like that, I would probably try to stay away from them (because blood and gore and Nazis and cannibalism and talking about sex over Skype? Uh, no thanks). Anyway, I think it’s great that you remember to remind your friends that they’re beautiful and kind; it can mean a lot to someone if they’re really feeling insecure.

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