Im here sitting on my room floor, just moved in to a house with my roommate about a month ago. He is on my bed, he’s sleeping. I was making him a sandwich and when I came back to the room, he was sleeping, looking like an angel but really acting like the devil. i hate him. Do I like him? I don’t know… frankly i couldn’t say. One thing for are is i committed a sin. He says he is not with his girlfriend anymore, he’s done with her even though they already have a baby n the way, or so he says. I always enjoy the sex with him, its different, its special and magical but once it over, reality runs back anxious to get in my head and remind me of the bad I’m doing. the sin I’m committing, the betrayal. I don’t know how to fight it, i don’t know how to end it but one thing for sure, I’m stupidly and irrevocably in love with him. 

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