“Hush, now
You need to calm down
Why wearing that frown?
He was just joking
Guys do that to girls all the time
No need to treat it as a crime

“Where’s your sense of humour?
You should know better
Maybe you’re just too serious
Lighten up; no need to be furious
You see, you’re actually outnumbered here
Just keep your opinions to yourself, dear

“Don’t be a bitch
No need to throw a hissy fit
No men will like you,
if you keep pouting like you do
It’s true; we all have our opinions
Sadly, not all want to listen

“Be a good girl and stay humble
You’ll be loved again, no trouble”

I look at them all in disbelief
Are they kidding me?
Am I the only educated one,
or are they just plain ignorant?

Just get me out of here
before my fury will cause them fear!


(Jakarta, 19/10/2016 – 2:45 pm)

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