Day 3 Addiction Free

So today was an intresting one for I tried to just be myself and go do things. I went around with the kids to the store, I went to the local connor store so the boys could get a toy, I did the oil in the car. That moment when changing the car my wife came out and was asking me when we should see other people. I told her that when the divorce papers are final then we should be seeing other people. I told her that I felt free and happy that we can still be friends and work together. SHE SEEMED SUPRISED AND SHOCKED THAT I WAS OK MOVING ON! I am confused at that moment. I was not sure if she felt that I was a bigger man or that she was happy that I was agreeing with her. Then later that day we talked and made a plan on when we would move out of the house and file for divorce. She was yet again happy that I was helping her and moving on. She also gave me a book to read on love language even when I told her that maybe it was best to put away. We laughed for a minute after saying we could have a book club and that we could sit down and read it. I sat their reading it for a half hour and went to bed. I think that the day went ok but still weird. I feel I am getting mixed messages from her. I want to just pratice self control and self meditation. I am determined to run to this finish line with all I have.

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