Dream with Me

I am probably going to get sentimental on this, enjoy!


Dream with me, of a time where your heart was light and smiles were like bubbles floating in the air. I see you, your hair sketched in the wind, signaling me to join you. You grabbed my hand and I felt the joy that I used to envy.

Dream with me, when classes and homework would interrupt our time together. You still make my stomach flutter nervously when I see you down the hall. Never ceasing to smile, you always found time to be with me. We weren’t dating but people assumed. If I had to live in that fantasy, then I was happily content with it.

Dream with me, back on that cold night. Your potential love interest decided to leave you after an argument you two had. My phone rang at the hands of 1 AM with you crying and shaking. Forgetting to put my shoes on, I rushed out and found you. The look you gave me when you entered the sauna of my car wasn’t as pleasing as seeing you safe and me holding a hot chocolate for you. We couldn’t stop laughing along the way about how my cold feet weren’t as clumsy as they are with feeling.

Dream with me, of the day I asked you to marry me. Not a word was spoken but that night the stars glistened off your tears. You held me, crying and telling me you’re not good enough. You know, I felt the same way and that’s why I cried with you. I prayed to heaven and thanked my stars for showing me where you are. The whispers “I Do” were enough to echo through our hearts.

Dream with me a dream. A dream where all this had really happened. From childhood to the day I asked you to marry me, dream. It’s what I always dream about. That’s why I don’t lose hope, I just dream.

2 thoughts on “Dream with Me”

  1. I love the feelings that you evoke when you write your pieces.

    And yes, you can put 1st Meditation in your personal journal. Funny thing is when I wrote it, I was writing about the experience of the 1st time I really tried to actively mediate. Once I hit the void, it took me to a whole other place. One minute I’m in my room. The next I’m out on the open ocean.

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