It wasn’t until Tuesday afternoon he realized he wanted to die. He was staring at a cup of Earl Grey contemplating the complexities of tea when the epiphany rose from the depths of his mind with such a force, the surface of the tea registered with a ripple. He recognized its truth instantly and wondered how this came to be.

He would much rather have been made a fictitious character in a teen drama series as opposed to an actual, real person. He preferred to live episode-to-episode, engulfed in all the drama of living in an immense house, dealing with life’s hardships through the use of drugs and alcohol, going to wild, glittery parties,  driving around in foreign sports cars, blonde hair blowing in the wind and palm trees reflecting in his sunglasses.  He secretly knew there was a way to live in this fictitious world, all he had to do was work it out in his mind and believe he was living it and then it would be true.

This didn’t solve our hero’s problem, however.  He still wanted to die.  His mind wandered to his other life, the old one.  This thought filled him with a rush and it was then, in that moment, that he remembered who he used to be. 

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