First Entry

     As a woman I naturally have a billion things on my mind all the time. Some things are good and happy others are sad and dark. At my current time in life I find that I am really struggling on an emotional level in trying to cope with all the changes happening in my life and am needing an outlet.

     Things are changing so rapidly in my life right now that I feel that I am not able to get a good grasp on them and that I am not handling each challenge presented to me the way I should or the best possible way. I am hoping that with creating this online journal that I can not only vent frustration but celebrate joyous times as well. This is more for my own benefit than that of anyone else’s however if someone stumbles upon my site and has been in a similar situation or has insight and advice they would like to provide me with, I will graciously accept.

     For the moment however, this will be the closing of my first entry. There may be some days where I write in here a few times and there may also be some days where I skip a day. My challenge to myself is to write at least 5 days a week for 1 year. It is my attempt to “self counsel” myself. It is a Monday, lets start with baby steps and see if I can do minimum 1 post a day. *Fingers Crossed*

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