Just another Monday

Today was pretty much another Monday. I went to school and actually had my homework done so I felt confident in the day. But then lunch came..during lunch I always sit with Haile and Zak and I wasn’t hungry so we went outside, which we do everyday when we are done eating. They talked and were all lovey to each other and yet again I felt like the third wheel. I ended up thinking about Noah the whole time and wondered if I should talk to him. We could be friends and then I wouldn’t be a third wheel. I just wanted someone to talk to. I also really wanted a boyfriend but every relationship I’ve had, I’ve felt that I’m just the back up girl. When guys didnt get the girl they really wanted, they went for me. I had youth orchestra after school today and it was fun. Then when I got home, I did my chores, cleaned off my pumpkin seeds that I plan on roasting tomorrow and now I’m in bed working on English. Overall, today was ok. No major complaints but nothing to be overly excited about. 

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