Lets Start Things Out…

I am a 30-year-old preparing the biggest change of my life. I find myself here only questioning who I really am inside. I have irrational thoughts, logical, and maybe even crazy ones too.

I have to some home create something out of it if anything.

You can find out who I am if you knew who I really am.

I won’t lie to you. I’m no perfect human being.

I am no model of the majority of Class.

I graduated but just barely.

Who I am you will see am a very complex person.

In the next few weeks if I keep this promise with myself-I will unfold my life’s stories and conquests… I need to get them out so I can start clean… and I feel as Ominous as SBJ will throw a lot of people off.


(I will not outline specific dates because I do not have those observances, I will merely relate the situation to a common time in our lives/or close to a significant holiday)


The True Title of this Article of Record:

My Secret Life. The Men Whom I have Slept with all in order.


Chad Rice (Age 18/I was the same age)

My First, My First Love, My First everything.

Itching to see him daily, if not forever. Still  a Man I love but never will be with ever again.

We were introduced through a friend. This friend went to my school and was in vocal arts class. She gave me his number, and I called him. We kicked it off. started talking with each other on a daily basis. Then we finally decided to meet. I was to hang with him that night over at an apartment complex and he would meet me in the parking lot.

(It was raning that night some time around 6pm-Shortly After sunset)

I walked up to him, also he was talking to his friends. He said goodbye to them and headed towards me. He was very cute, and also quite adorable. Short, Long arms. His face reminded me of a cute little mouse face. beady little eyes, small face., skinny and  built.  I was impressed.

We were talking as he puffed on his Camel cigarette and we’d intermittently laugh at each others statements. I admired him already, how easy it was to talk to him, to share and relate. as he finished up his cigarette, we made it up to a door which would be his place. He lives with his adopted parents. His Mother and his birth(biological) father. But they were out for the night. I’m unsure where they really were, but it was definitely not in their beautiful home.

It was just SBJ and Chad- him and I all alone. Two 18 years old boys a little beyond the years of puberty development-horny as fuck and need a release…


He guided me to his bedroom and we took off out shoes. He Closed the door, and started playing music, asking me if I liked it, and that  its all his favorites… I agreed and just started at him, thirsty to touch his arms, yearning to touch his face and hands and legs…

He asked if I wanted to watch a movie, I said yeah sure. He turned on his small Tv which was actually in the top corner of his room mounted.

HE hit play on the DVD and quickly turned off the lights and jumped into bed. I sat in bed with my back against the wall and he was sitting beside me. the movie started. It was Saw(The first movie). I was a little nervous and jumped when something was all of a sudden. He grabbed my hands which were under the blanket and held them. squeezed them when I squeezed back… my heart was racing.. the hardcore graphics of syringes inside of a pool was overwhelming… the surround sound audio of the dive into the pool of needles were unnerving…

I continued to watch, and it slowed down action wise in the movie… he was still holding my hands. one hand slipped out and he guided my left hand down to this hard bulge in his crotch. He guided my hand to keep rubbing it… I soon followed with even more heavy petting and rubbing. Thus promoting the bulge to get even bigger then before.

Something was growing in there… and I was determined to get my mouth on it regardless of its condition. He is a new man, smells of armpit swim in the air with the sweet smell of an uncut cock…

Rubbing harder and harder, he easily paused the video and laid down with his legs across my legs. I started undoing his pants and rubbing this ever growing bulge this short out of proportion little man I wanted to have my children with…(I’m just saying)

I opened his pants buckle, and his button, and unzipped the fly to be greeted with smiley boxers(Joe Boxer Label) as I slid the last piece of clothing this sexy man had on-I was greeted with the happy sign of excitement. A Huge thick 7.5-8 inch uncut…




(Please Stay Tuned for Part Two)

(Time for a Smoke Break 11:45 PM October  24th 2016)

Be Back in 15 Minutes to write some more…


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