The 1st Meditation

I closed my eyes

Let it all go

Concentrate as it flows

It runs throughout me 

Like a spark

I’m there

Gliding in the air

Soaring like a falcon

Dark water rushing below me

Salt on my skin 

Waves rush up

Cold breath envigerating 

I slow my pace

I’m just above the surface 

Lean in and the water fills in around me

It moves, translucent, it’s heavy

I push to go under 

Swim down to the depths

Let it over come

As the knowledge pours in

8 thoughts on “The 1st Meditation”

  1. You described how I feel when I surf so perfectly! Thank you, I couldn’t really put it to words. May I have this one to keep in my personal journal? I’ll definitely credit you!

  2. Thank you all so very much!

    I will try to write & publish more poems in the future. I don’t usually use a basic format. I prefer free flow. Writing poems in the past is something I really loved to do. I would like to get back into the swing of it.

    Thank you all for being my 1st audience!

  3. You definately have the talant to writting! I noticed it when was reading your post about magic) It was the first post, wich I readed in your jornal) That post impressed me) and I with pleasure read your free flowing thoughts)

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