The Complete Idiots Guide to Body Language

That is the title of the book I checked out at the library today. I got a library card, which I’ve been meaning to do for some time. So…yay productivity!

Maybe its the pink tip frosted “peace of mind” incense I bought today  that’s really mellowing me out about the whole ordeal at work the other day.  

Maybe since I told my two best friends about it already I’m kinda over it. 

Maybe I’ve just allowed myself enough time to process it, plan my revenge, discard revenge plan because i’m trying to rise above it, then devise a new plan with passive aggressive tones in it and finally to end up with rising-not forgetting- above it because honey the real world doesn’t care about you’re individual feelings. 

I’m taking charge of my life. I don’t want to be this way. I don’t want another one of these damn memories where my social anxiety ruins something and then it becomes bigger and bigger because I then froze and shut down. Hell to the nerrrrr.


So back to the rising:

I made a to do list. I plan to keep. 

  1. get up earlier
  2. get coffee and muffin
  3. get to office early to print doc 
  4. get to training site
  5. email sup with work  needs
  6. don’t spazz out
  7. work out

I am also reading ^ previously mentioned book and as I know I said i’d rise above it it’s kind of a passive aggressive jab at that  lady… I always read before training starts, on breaks and at lunch so she’ll see what it is I’m reading.


This is about me right. Rising above it all. I just happen to be rising from the pits of despair and humiliation. *Insert some comment comparing myself to a mythological phoenix*

I have a plan. Okay scratch that I have an outline. I hate plans because they never work. The universe does as it pleases and we’re all just pawns sifting through our own mess. *insert butterfly effect reference” 

I’m gonna do this. I can do this. 

3 thoughts on “The Complete Idiots Guide to Body Language”

  1. It’s my personal belief that universe keeps us in check, balances our right and wrongs. Karma really is divine justice. I’ve had my share and that alone was enough for me to reflect on those I’ve hurt and make deeper changes with myself. No revenge necisssay. I like your rise above it mantra.

  2. Love and appreciate your comment. I also share the same beliefs about the universe and karma. I try my best. It’s never easy to take the high road and it’s even harder to also take responsibility for ones own actions but I try.

  3. I am fighting addiction and trying to keep the high road. It is hard because my marriage at the same time is falling down. Double whammy. Anyways, over these past 2 weeks I have learned to set a goal and then do part of those goals each day, break it down. I have seen myself almost falling because I tried to do it all at once. Bad idea. Speaking about your responsibilities and owning up to your actions is a big step in the right direction, Admission. Now you should have a clearer mind to focus on your task and become a better person. You can do this as long as your mind is driven to the ultimate goal, Success.

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