The kitty question has been put on the back burner. (I think I saw him early this morning, but I’m not sure.) One of our dog’s health is declining further. He had some seizures on Saturday – something new for him. Not major ones. Lasted about 1 – 3 minutes each. We called the vet’s office. The vets were not in but the tech advised to bring him to the vet ER.  We did not end up going but hoped that if it was time he was pass peacefully. The 4 of us spent a lot of time on Saturday loving him and saying our goodbyes. He did not eat or drink on Saturday. I had a very fitful night’s sleep with him right next to me. By Sunday morning he was much better. He ate some scrambled egg and drank some water. He peed and pooped. Walked a little. I made a roast chicken for our dinner so he had a little chopped up chicken breast which he enjoyed. The question now is – is it his time? We thought we might be bringing him to the vet today to be euthanized. But if we are questioning it, then perhaps it isn’t. He is in no pain that we can tell. I guess we’ll know when it is time. He’s been such a good companion for almost 16 years. We will not let him suffer.

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  1. Awe, poor puppy!

    You may not need to euthanize do to seizures. I guess it depends on the cause of them & the effect. I had a german shephard that suffered seizures. She started experiencing them when she was around 2 years old. They were big, grand mals. She was given medication to control and prevent them and placed on a strict schedule. For 5 more years we kept the damage minimal. Finally she had a grand mal and wouldn’t stop seizing. After 6 hours, we put her down. She was brain dead.

    Hugs and prayers to you. It is not an easy choice to send our friends over the rainbow bridge. I have faith that you’ll know when its time. You love your furred friend and I know you’ll do right by him.

  2. Nooo this post makes me so sad I hope your puppy gets better ;_;

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