A picture and a blurb

I made a baby shower cake this weekend for a coworker. . .the picture is the result of my hard work. I am trying to learn to accept feedback. I am not the type that normally like any type of attention. When I dropped the cake off I was quick to leave but I forgot that I work with these people so every so often a person comes by my office to compliment me on my cake. It makes me happy.
I am struggling with self confidence today.  Actually, a lot lately. It has been several months since I have been constant with exercising and I can tell with each passing day my confidence and esteem lack a more and more. Hopefully soon, after things calm down in my personal life, I can get back into the routine of taking my son for a hour or two walk and to the park. It is relaxing for us both, the fresh air will do us both good and the bonding will be nice. Getting out will also help us sleep better at night. I know I could use a decent night sleep again.
I am hoping with the new place we will be going to, the atmosphere, the free counseling and possibly making new mom friends who are in a similar situation in their life that I will be encouraged not only to do more for myself but to encourage others. I have been down because of my current situation the past few months, it seems like there has always been something to knock me down and I am starting to lose the ability to stay peppy and positive about it. It will be nice to get back to my bubbly self and help bring the mood to a happy and uplifting one to those around me again. I miss that about myself.
Well, I said I would write every day. . .this is my today entry. Maybe I will have more to say tomorrow.

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