Day 240 – Photography

Monday, October 24th 2016

Today was okay. Didn’t feel much like talking, probably because I got less hours of sleep. Typically I get at least 7, but I got 6.5. Couldn’t fall asleep.

I started off with programming and I didn’t do that much. I wanted to ask help of my teacher, but he was grading. I was super nervous while it, because I answered his name in a name question cause I had no idea what to write, so I was trying to find a casual way of saying “I didn’t know what to write” and playing the words over and over in my mind. I didn’t know why I was nervous, probably cause I never write such ridiculous answers in my tests before. He said the answer made him laugh and I got a B, which ended up better than expected.

Then I had alimentation and we were doing some research on what dish we could give an Indian twist to. I came up with a butter chicken wrap. So we decided to do that and add onions, cheese and lettuce.

At lunch I only sat with one close friend since the others were absent, and we talked about some random topics.

During tech I finished making a soccer ball in Blender and I was trying to figure out how to start my X-Wing Fighter. It’ll be a lot more complicated than I thought.

We ended with a surprise quiz in math, or at least, I didn’t know there was going to be one. Luckily quizzes in this class doesn’t count for your grade, but I still left some things blank and it made me realize I should probably start reviewing my things.

When I got home I played on the server and suddenly came back across parkour videos. There’s this one guy in particular that I found called Jason Paul. He does free running parkour and a lot of photography, which suddenly got me inspired and motivated to do photography. I don’t have a good camera other than my phone, but my phone has pretty good quality, so I can still do quite a lot, if I got the right lighting. I also have my Polaroid camera for simpler things. If only I learned how to drive earlier and could now, I’d go somewhere with Kohai and just find spots to take pictures. We would have to drive somewhere, since there isn’t much picture wise in walking distance. Well, we could find something or come up with decent pictures at parks, maybe. There’s also this tiny waterfall and wood trail that goes to it. Maybe that. We can also take the bus with our school passes as well. Alright, well, maybe we can. If I can find spots and she’s interested it’d be cool. Right now I have in mind of pictures of the environment and myself in that environment, because I feel like it’d help me feel more comfortable in pictures.

That’s all for today.

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