Dumb bitch

“She’s called dumb bitch, worthless, trust less. Her attempt at finding faith is called fake. Her friends think the same thing about her. Terrible mother, worthless lover, better off dead. She’s ignored, thought of last, thought of least. Sometimes it’s better that way just to keep the peace.
She still manages to keep standing. In hopes of what? A better day? Even just a better moment? In hopes of nothing because she’s accustomed to being abandoned. She leans on nobody. She’s used to the weight piling up on her, crushing her, slowly killing her. She’s just a dumb, worthless bitch.
Not in His eyes. He loves her. He wants her. He hears her. She longs to be with Him and considers ending it all to be United with Him. That’s not the way though. He says to wait and hold on a little longer. Jesus sees all that she struggles with and He let’s her know that He loves her and always has.”

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