He Wants Me to be a Cult Leader?

HIII so this entry might have a lot of mistakes because I don’t have that much time to edit it (bc homework and stuff), but who cares anyways, all my entries have mistakes XD. 

So last night David was the fucking weirdest person alive right now. Idk if any of you know this but I mentioned in like my first entry that he had a “political group” (aka cult), well he was talking A LOT of weird shit about it. I know it has actually members because I talked to them before in a skype group chat, but yesterday David told me there are members all over the world (yeah right). He said he wanted me to be the leader of the group or something (idk he said there is three sections and one of them has to have a female leader), he also said it was a once in a life time chance and there are 40 other girls lined up. I was like “ehhh no thanks, you should just pick someone else” but he wouldn’t let me say no, we went back and forth and I finally just said “I need a day or two to think about it” and that got him to shut up for now. I think he’s literally crazy or something. I know there are actual members, I talked to like four, but it honestly seems like all of this is just lies.

My friends Noelle and Kenzie skyped with him that same night. Today Noelle told me that he showed them an isis beheading, that’s really scary. Despite how fucking scary David is, Noelle says that she likes himWtf, she might be as insane as him XD. Honestly I think she only likes him bc he’s decently attractive, I know that sounds mean but I can’t think of any other reason why.

Also this is new news to anyone who reads this but I’m a (bad) cross country runner, a (kinda bad) figure skater, and a good artist (I’m not athletic and kinda stupid, art gives me a lot of confidence). So I ran wayyyy too slow today at xc, I mean a minute behind my normal pace. Then at skating I couldn’t land anything. I was actually really sad about it and barely anything makes me feel that way. So yeah disappointing day, and my leg hurts which is annoying; I’ve been taking aspirin like candy.

And today I left my phone in my last class. I didn’t really freak out bc I just don’t do that (I’m too laid back for my own good sometimes). But I was really sad bc I can’t talk to my friends, someone is always mad at me for not replying to them or not inviting them somewhere. I hate making my friends mad, I would do anything for them. Anyways, I emailed my teacher and she has my phone, so that’s good. 

Soo that’s all, I’m going to try to finish my chem work but if not I’ll just ask my friend for help. Byee <3

One thought on “He Wants Me to be a Cult Leader?”

  1. I find it strange that he wants to you to lead a group of people with ideals that you do not have nor even like. I am guessing he is trying to sweeten you up to get close to you. Prehaps he thinks this is something the two of you can form a bond over?

    Trust your gut. If it feels wrong than that is because it probably is.

    I hope you are able to recover from all your aches and pains from your activities. I tried figure skating when I was tiny, but I ended up preferring hockey.

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