Lack of personal safety awareness or fearlessly independent?

The last year of my life has been one of the hardest i have ever lived. I have travelled some of the darkest deepest paths within myself and burst out the other side fighting strong and hard. I am at a good place despite all the bulshit that life has thrown at me. Yes to an outside eye perhaps not much has changed but i know how wrong they are. I know that those little steps we take to better ourselves and to prepare ourselves for battle in the world are probably the hardest ones we will ever take. This is my journey and mine alone and after a very long time Iโ€™m good with that fact ๐Ÿ™‚

Now one of the things that has kept me sane through this year is walking. I love natural environments and being surrounded by mother nature is one of my deepest loves. There is a park i go to often that is everything i need to reconnect to the earth and ground myself back to the current moment.

In the summer i spent time in the park, sat barefoot on my blanket with my eyes closed in meditation and practicing mindfulness. I love how the seasons have changed before my eyes from summer with its bright blooms and warm glowing sunshine to Autumn/Winter where the leaves have become beautifully orange and red. This morning the leaves crunched beneath my boots as i walked, inhaling the crisp cold air and loving how it refreshed and rejuvenated my lungs and body.

This park is particularly special to me as i have been going there for over ten years with my ex partner, we have some of our earliest memories there. But now it has become my special place to get away. The natural habitat there is amazing. The lake has many swans and ducks, i have seen many cygnets (baby swans) and ducklings born here, they are the most adorable little things you could ever imagine.

What is even more amazing is that in the last few years there has been a migration of beautiful green parakeets. I used to own a connure so i recognise the sounds they make. When i first spotted them i was amazed that they are able to adapt to a much colder British climate in comparison to their natural habitat which is the outbacks of Australia i think. Since i first saw them they have grown hugely in numbers and are basically the life and soul of the park now. I feel that every time i go there they fly around the trees that i pass calling greetings at me; i like to think that perhaps they recognise me :). It brings me real joy to see them free and happy, flourishing the way a bird should be. Although i owned Chico (a green cheek connure) for around a year i think one of the reasons i found it so hard is that as i got to know his lovely personality it struck me as quite a tragedy that he was caged most of the time. No bird should be caged; they are made to fly free and beautiful the way god intended.

Iโ€™m so glad i wrote this post although when i started i had other thoughts in the forefront of my mind. Writing about this place has made me recognise my love for it. However, going back to my subject title, now that it has started to get cold, the park is less populated, and today it was almost deserted. Dont get me wrong, I love the privacy of this park; itโ€™s such an amazing space. But today i found myself wondering if i was safe there alone. Am i crazy? I think Iโ€™m just being paranoid but the truth is in the past winters Iโ€™ve always had my ex by my side on these long walks. The park is connected directly to one of the biggest forests on my side of London, so a walk can literally be as long as you want it to be. Today i felt slightly uneasy and i didnโ€™t like the feeling? Has anybody else felt like this when walking out alone in a natural environment like a forest? I love it too much to let it get the better of me. I keep telling myself i need to hold onto my confidence and fire. Iโ€™m not scared, why should i be? Right?

When i was younger i was a real daredevil, i literally had no sense of personal safety and i was absolutely fine doing the crazy things Iโ€™ve done. But over the years maybe my ex and his over the top cautiousness (one of the things i hated about him) finally rubbed off on me, i resent that! Thatโ€™s not me! Iโ€™m brave and fearless! Iโ€™m not scared to live for godโ€™s sake! Iโ€™m not exactly jumping off a cliff am i! But still a part of me (really super annoyingly) is more aware than my younger self that the world is not always a nice place. I need to stop being ridiculous! Right?



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  1. Your journal entry is so well written. You are a writer, girl. I love nature too. I feel much like you—I was never afraid alone in nature until I got older. We hear so much stuff on media. It is natural to feel a little afraid. But even that much spoils your walks. I would say, stay on the main paths, and trust God. Ask Him for protection and then enjoy your walk. It’s too bad your ex made you afraid. Some people are full of fears. I know you do not want to be one of them. I am inclined to be fearful and I do not go out on my own, although I used to and loved it. There used to be a park near the water plant, full of winding paths and little stone walls and trees everywhere. It was my heaven on earth. I could walk there for miles alone, even near nighttime. I think I may share a poem with you which I wrote about that place. After 911 they built a huge fence around it, like a prison fence, with barbed wire. No one is allowed to go near the water supply plant. I understand it, but I grieve for my park. I will see if I can find the poem. God bless you!

  2. My mom is a lifetime movie nut. I have heard “you are going to get raped and murdered” so often and so frequent that it became the butt of a joke between my friends and I.

    When I go for hikes I bring my serrated hunting knife with me. I’m practiced on how to use it. My mom always sent me off with a can of mace. I never bring myself into a sitiation completely defenseless.

    I like your description of this park. It sounds lovely. I especially like the part about the birds.

  3. Savedbygrace Thankyou for your wonderful comment, you always put a big smile on my face, I really appreciate you just being you ๐Ÿ™‚ It makes me sad that you don’t feel you can go for a walk alone and be safe, big hugs for you. Have you ever thought about getting a dog? A canine companion may be the perfect solution? I wish I could get one but my parents would go absolutely crazy lol, something I will save for when I have my own space. I would absolutely love to hear your poem about your special place ๐Ÿ™‚ I look forward to reading it x

    Sianna I may have to take a leaf out of your book. Also wow you are trained to use a hunting knife! I wouldn’t want to mess with you! lol. You have got me thinking that I should look into some self defence classes ๐Ÿ™‚ Ill write a post if I find anything in my area x

  4. Yes, trained. When faced with danger from an attacker I would prefer to disarm and disable them rather than cause death so where and how I yield my knife may literally be a life or death matter.

    I am only 4’11” and about 100 lbs. I am well on my way to middle age, but I have the face and mannerisms of a teenager. I fear one might think I am a very easy target. Should they make the mistake of messing me, I would like them to know that I will not go down without a fight and that they have vastly underestimated me.

  5. Sianna Absolutely! I love your tough fighting spirit!

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