Three Cheers for Monday Exhaustion

I got through almost everything but the English project today. I also didn’t finish the physics lab with my partner, but that’s okay because it was a hella frustrating and confusing lab, and not many people finished anyway.

The English group thing is tomorrow. We’re going to be the first group, hooray. I sound a little disappointed, but I’m actually glad that we’re going first, because that way we can just get it over with and I can spend the rest of the class pretending to listen to the other groups (kidding, I actually pay really close attention in English, because I love it).

I got through two tests, a quiz, a round of class speaking (a group project), and a lot of social challenges today. Don’t you just love Mondays that are tightly packed with highly stressful activities? Because I do. I’m glad I got most of the stuff over with–except there’s another test on Wednesday and Thursday, ugh. At least I’ll have the GSA and Anchor meetings to look forward to on those days.

I’m typing this really quickly because I want to go to sleep before 10:10. I try to get as much sleep as possible every night in case I end up hating myself for staying up in the morning when I’m so tired I want to just say “fuck it” and skip school for a day. (Kidding, because I would never skip school, and my mom wouldn’t let me do it anyway.) I wake up at six thirty every day and I walk thirty-fiveish minutes to school, so I need all the energy I can get, or I’ll basically sleepwalk through the streets and get hit by a car or something. I actually saw a girl on a bike get hit by a car last week–not seriously, thank god thank god, the fucktard driver just hit the back of her bike when he/she lurched forward before she was done crossing. But it sounded terrible–a huge thud.

Anyway, I’m the sort of person who, if I stay up five minutes past 10:00, I’m going to want to spend an extra hour in bed. I envy my friend J, who regularly sleeps at midnight but is still completely conscious in the mornings. I actually fell asleep in accounting class today–not while we were having class, what kind of person do you think I am–but after I was done with our test (which I pray I got at least a 97 on, please please please) and turned it in. I put my head down, and I was dreaming (about something that didn’t make sense–my dreams almost never make sense) and everything before I woke up because I was clenching my teeth together really hard and my jaw hurt.

I also had no idea what the hell I was supposed to do today in computer programming, because our teacher, bless her, is not actually that good at teaching us even though she is very nice, and you kind of have to figure everything out on your own–with the help of some Googled java-tutorials. Then precal was easy. I just hate this unit for the graphs, which have asymptotes and look all weird, and which I make a lot of mistakes on because I can’t be bothered to spend more time on it than necessary.

I got an 83 on the last timed writing, which sucks, but I guess I kind of expected it.

I managed to clear the absence on Friday today; the teacher was really nice about it.

There are super cute people everywhere in my school. I just feel like mentioning that, because sometimes I’m just walking along and thinking, Damn, these people are hot. It sounds weird, but there are so many attractive people here. I see the track team running in the morning on a regular basis, and…they’re shirtless, and I know for a fact that if one of my old friends from China were here with me, she would be swooning for joy at the sight.

Also, I told my physics teacher that “I have the crafting skills of a handicapped sea lion” when I was asking her a question about the catapult we have to build, and she laughed, but I still felt super embarrassed for actually saying something like that aloud.


I think I’m done for now. Have a good night and stay chill.

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  1. For computer programming, are you doing websites specifically? Cause my teacher uses sometimes, since he teaches us through videos. They might have what you’re looking for, if it’s not websites.

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