Too Young

The day that you say I do changes your life forever. Those two words weren’t taken lightly the day that I said them. But now four months later argument after argument. The same fights with no conclusion. I would’ve told my family no that they were wrong before,  but now I am starting to wonder if maybe I was wrong. Nineteen is young to get married but it never occurred to me before that maybe I jumped in too quickly. Granted we’ve been together for five years, but now I feel that I am growing to be someone different. I feel that I am slowly growing apart. You say that I am not communicating but when I do communicate it feels as if nothing that I say matters. You say that I disregard your feelings, but I am so careful with my words with my actions. You belittle me and I open up to you to tell you how I feel, but somehow I am still the one in the wrong. Maybe I am still just too young, in love yes but my heart can only shatter into a million pieces so many times. I am still trying but at some point, I’m going to reach my breaking point. I wish that I could do it all over. 

One thought on “Too Young”

  1. I’m more than a decade older than you & I have been married for 15 years. Like you, I married when I was young. It has not been an easy road. My husband and I fought for what seems like years at a time. Coming to a mutal understanding was a difficult process. I wanted to share my feelings with him, he would be defense and lash out in turn. Around and around we would go. We also grew and matured at different times.

    It takes a lot of work to reach the point of a true partnership. I’ve had to learn to let go of control, evaluate how I communicate, and so on.

    What can you learn from your own marriage? What would you say if you were an outsider? What advice would you give to a newly wed couple?

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