Tuesday Evening

So we all survived the busyness of last week and boy was it ever hectic.  All of the appointments and obligations and then to top it all off, on Monday of last week SM’s car went kerplooey. So we had to find ways to get back and forth to all of our appointments!  The timing belt went out on her car and it destroyed the motor so I’m not sure what our next move will be regarding her car. Mine has brake issues right now so that’s going to be the first step since it’s the easiest. We will share a car until we figure out whether or not to put another motor in hers.  I’m thinking yes since it’s a good running car with no transmission issues and the body and frame is rust free.  I think we can get a good used motor for less than $600….her boyfriend JO is going to school to become a certified mechanic, so he will do the work for her for nothing, (I will pay him something for doing it anyway) so that is likely the plan for now. A good friend of mine took me to the stores today to do some shopping. She will also take me to my cleaning job tomorrow.  I bought 4 nice, fat pumpkins to turn into jack o’lanterns sometime soon.  I also got RJ some clothes today too.  We went to a place called R and A, it’s a discount store where things are dirt cheap!  The owners buy pallets of store returns, go to storage auctions and also buy close to or slightly over the expiration date of food items. It’s a great place to go for school snacks and candy.  I make candy bouquets for gifts and always go there for my candy….full sized bars are 4 for $1!   You have to watch the dates and I only buy items that are close to expiring but not past the date but if you have the time to check everything you can get some great bargains.  I found a super cute brand new Mickey Mouse tee for RJ for $1!!  I also got him 2 fall jackets from an online yardsale site today as well.  One is a camo fleece and the other is a hooded zip up sweatshirt with Spiderman on it.  I got them for $1.50 each!!  Both are barely worn!!  He is set on winter clothes I think. I might need to get him a couple more pairs of winter PJ’s and maybe a few more pairs of sweatpants.  But that’s it.  He had so many really cute graphic tees that still fit so instead of buying all new long sleeved shirts for winter I just got him a variety of long sleeved tees…..white, red, black, blue and gray. That way he can wear one under his short sleeved tees and get more use out of them….pretty smart huh?!?!  lol  We got RJ his costume last week….he’s going to be a Teletubbie!  I think it’s Tinky Winky I can’t remember which is which. lol  And the best part of it all is that it was free!!!  I was planning on getting him a Paw Patrol Marshall costume at Wal-mart but on Wednesday SM went to our local Recycling Store where anyone can donate anything and anyone is welcome to anything they want to take.  She had taken RJ’s summer clothes to donate since he won’t be able to wear them next year. She was looking around and spotted this Teletubbie costume.  They have just recently started airing new episodes again and RJ loves the show so he was a happy camper when we put it on him and he looked in the mirror!! lol  He looks sooooo cute.  I can’t believe there are only 6 more days to Halloween then it’s seems like its no time til New Years!! I will be starting next week to do some extra cleaning so that I am not slammed during the holidays with any extra work.  I also like to get out all my serving pieces and large bowls etc that don’t get used throughout the year and get them washed up and all in one place so that when I need them for a celebration, dinner or baking I know where they are and are already clean lol.  Speaking of baking, while I was shopping today I went ahead and started buying a few baking supplies so that I won’t have all the expense all at once.  I got an extra bag of sugar, some chocolate chips, walnuts, vanilla, peppermint extract and some almond bark.  I love the holidays and I am getting excited thinking about it!! lol   Well I suppose I should skedaddle for now….gotta round up a 2 year old for his bath and bedtime routine!!  Good night all!!

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